Pet-Sitting Done Right!


Why do we offer pet-sitting?

K-9 Couture Pet Resort & Spa, is just that, A RESORT for pets. Our company was founded on September 2017. We believe there should be more options for pet owners and their pets when choosing the right service for your fur babies! We understand how difficult it can be when leaving your pet with a stranger, rather that be in your home or in our resort. Our founder, has had many issues and complications in the past when trying to choose a sitter for her fur babies and she has made this company to fix all the issues she had previously had,  so you will be hiring not only a accredited & Insured business, but a pet owner who has been in your shoes and will give your fur babies lots of LOVE, ATTENTION AND CUDDLES!


Don't Choose just anyone

Don't choose just anyone for your babies! Choose our experienced & Certified team! All Sitters are Certified, bonded and insured! We have put a better, safer and more reliable pet sitting service together. Our Certified and expereinced team will place webcams around your home (only in the places your pets are and where we will be coming in and out). This allows us to keep a 24 hour watch on your pets and your home! You will also will have access to these cameras to check in on your pets as well! 


-Pet CPR/ First Aid 

-Certified Vet Tech

-Clear of any Criminal History

-Drug Tested and Drug Free

-Webcam Monitoring 


Pet Sitting Luxury Options:

-Pet Sitting:  $25-$38 per visit up to 4 pets

-Additional Pets are: $3.75 per visit (Or per group of 10 chickens or ducks/farm animals)

-Medication: $0.85 per med/per day

-Check Mail: $0.55 per day (P.O. Boxes are $1.50 per day)

-Water Plants: $0.68 per min

-Additional Play time (All visits include 30 mins, see below for break down): $0.70 per min

-Key Made and kept on file in our secured safe: $15.00

What Pets Do we care for?

Our experienced sitters care for any pet big or small! We have the RIGHT SITTER for you! Our staff here at K-9 Couture Pet Resort & Spa will tailor your visits and needs and match it to one of our experienced sitters! Below is just a brief example of the types of pets we care for. The pets and fur babies we choose to care for, are chosen because  rather ourselves or our sitters are pet parents to these amazing animals themselves. Keep in mind, not every animals we care for will be listed. Please call our office for more information.

Cats (1-50+lbs)

-Dogs (1-200+ lbs)

-Birds (Macaws, Parakeets, sun conures, cockatoos, cocktails, humming birds etc.)

-Reptiles (Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Snakes etc.) 

- Monkeys (We have permits to care for the "EXOTIC" Types. If needed, Our sitters will ask to see your permit or license  if you have one that requires this in the state of Texas) 

-Salt Water Aquariums (Yes we do know how to properly service and care for these tanks of any size)

-Fresh Water Aquariums (Yes we do know how to properly service and care for these tanks of any size)

- Equine & Farm Animals (Horse, Cow, Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Donkeys etc.)

- Pocket Pets: (Genie Pig, Gerbil, Rats, Hamster, Sugar Gliders, Ferrets, etc.) 

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