Stop Leash Pulling in 5 mins


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Saturday, Septembers 22, 2018 @ 2:00pm our trainers will be holding a class about leash pulling! Don't struggle any longer, if your pet lunges, pulls and drags you down during your walks, come see us and we can stop all your troubles and issues.  Cost is $10 if you pre register and $20 if your register on site. 

Traning Programs

Puppy Training Classes

At K-9 Couture all of our classes are private, which means it is just you, your pet and our trainer. This is so you and your new member can get the most out of your time. We use a very classical method of training and our puppy classes can teach your furry friend how to Sit, Stay & Come as well as crate train. Classes are Weekdays at 7 pm by appointment only. Cost is $45 per 1 hour class or $175 for a 4 week program 2 times per week. 

General Obedience

General Obedience is for those pets who are over 1 years old and just needs a little help with obedience. This course will teach your pet how to Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, walk off/on leash & crate train. This course is Monday Wednesday & Fridays 7 pm, by appointment only. 

Behavior Modification/ Aggression Rehab

We can change and guide your pet in the right direction rather they are just hyper or are showing signs of aggression towards people or animals. Speak to one of our experienced trainers today.  

Stop by or call to Speak with our trainer today!

We would love to discuss all the options available to you through our training program. Together we can make a difference in your pets life and make a more enjoyable one for both of you. There is no issue to big or to small that we can not handle!